Eco Friendly Packaging

Like any company, even Valmatic®, an Italian company specialized in the single-dose sector, soon realized that its success depended not only on the quality of its products, but also on its adaptability to the challenges of the modern world.
The greatest challenge was sustainability. Valpaper® was born by the idea of creating a new sustainable and competitive brand. With the new Valpaper® project, it was decided to embark on a new path aimed at finding sustainable solutions for the packaging of food and non-food products. A path that led to the creation of a new machine, Valpaper® 70, and the design of a revolutionary packaging, the Valpeck™.

The choice of paper as the main material was a courageous choice, guided by the idea that sustainability must not be just an abstract idea, but must be integrated into every aspect of the production process. In addition, this packaging is designed to be easily recyclable, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Today, Valpaper® begins its mission to offer innovative and environmentally friendly products, not only for the good of the planet, but also for the good of consumers. In fact, every time a consumer chooses a Valpaper® product, he or she is  they are conscious of  that they have  having made a sustainable and responsible choice, which helps protect our planet.