Valpaper® commitment to sustainability: our successes and challenges

Over the last years, thanks to the technology of Valmatic®, Valpaper® has made enormous strides in developing eco-sustainable packaging and reducing the environmental impact of its production.

Our mission is to follow the path of sustainability through the development of eco-friendly solutions, in order to provide a valid alternative to the already existing ones.

For this reason, the company, Valmatic aims to act throughout the production process and takes concrete actions that can help reduce the environmental impact of paper-based single-dose products.

The focus on nature conservation, low environmental impact and a green approach to sustainability, characterize Valmatic as a leader in sustainable packaging.

How we have reduced the environmental impact in our production

The VALPAPER 70™ has been developed with a focus on low pneumatic and electric consumption and aims to minimize CO2 emissions, making it an excellent choice for saving energy and promoting sustainability.

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