We are pleased to announce that Valmatic is increasingly consolidating its position as a trusted partner for companies in the cosmetics sector. With great enthusiasm, we present the two new face serums in ampoules under the Cosmi brand!

A 7-day single-dose treatment with captivating packaging. The 7-day face serum treatment kits have indeed been introduced as new entries in the COSMI product catalog to allow anyone to take care of their skin even in the daily frenzy.

What makes the difference in this project is the single-dose packaging, which allows for quicker and more practical use, even on the go or while traveling. As a fundamental value not to be forgotten, there are the two formulations, Hyaluronic Acid and Snail Slime, designed to adapt to the needs of different skin types. The face serum has become a fundamental step in daily skincare routines, and the COSMI product has all the characteristics to be the ideal choice.

Valmatic ampoules allow for quick and practical application, perfect even for use on the go or while traveling. Furthermore, the two formulations based on Hyaluronic Acid and Snail Slime have been designed to adapt to the needs of different skin types, ensuring visible and lasting results.

“We believe that choosing reliable partners for production is essential for the success of a product” – confirms Emanuela Giordani of COSMI – “For this project, we collaborated with Valmatic, a supplier specialized in a wide range of packaging, especially single-dose, which made the realization of these innovative face serums possible.”

With the new weekly treatments, the face serums in ampoules join a wide range of personal care products offered by the Cosmi brand. The range has expanded in recent years, following market trends and needs, offering a wide choice of allies for skincare and makeup, always with the aim of helping customers feel their best, while remaining true to themselves. COSMI #BETHEBESTOFYOU 🎀

Valmatic offers its customers more than 100 types of ampoules and single-dose formats from 0.50 to 130 ml. The formats are available and allow for the creation of successful sales and sampling products. Thus, the corporate vision is confirmed, seeing customers as partners in the creation of innovation and unique packaging!