Valmatic, a leader in the production of innovative single-dose packaging solutions, is pleased to announce a new and fruitful collaboration with Ital-Agro, a company that has held a leading position in the Italian gardening landscape for over 70 years.

Ital-Agro has chosen Valpeck™, a revolutionary single-dose paper packaging system, for its Blackjak® Bio bioactivator from the VithalBIO Line, which was elected 2024 Product of the Year (PdA©) in the Gardening category.

The new Valpeck™ single-dose packaging for the agricultural sector, developed specifically for Ital-Agro but also applicable in the chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic fields, represents a significant step forward in sustainable packaging. The paper single-doses are eco-friendly, easy to use, and perfect for a variety of applications in Agriculture and Gardening, offering a practical and innovative solution for the packaging of biostimulants and fertilizers.

Valmatic has leveraged its extensive experience in the packaging sector to develop a product that combines sustainability, functionality, and attractive design. The Valpeck™ single-doses are made from recyclable materials, contributing to reducing environmental impact and promoting greener practices.

Ital-Agro has integrated the Valpeck single-dose into its flagship products, providing customers with a practical solution for the daily use of their biostimulants and supplements. Thanks to the single-dose packaging, Ital-Agro products ensure precise dosing and easy application, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments.

Simone Boroni, Marketing Director of Ital-Agro, stated:

“The Valpeck paper single-dose is a perfect solution for our products. This new packaging meets the needs of modern consumers who seek convenience and sustainability. We are excited to see how this innovation will positively impact our sector.”

The VithalBIO range, thanks also to the Valpeck™ single-dose, has been elected Product of the Year 2024.

Blackjak® Bio from the VithalBIO Line will be available at all agricultural retailers and garden centers across Italy starting from July 2024.